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Civil Mediation

Civil Mediation

Mediation is a great way to solve traditional legal disputes and can be a much cheaper, quicker and more pleasant process than litigation. Not too many people are very familiar with mediation, however, and most people have questions about whether the process is right for them. Mediation is a confidential service that helps people who have a dispute to reach their own settlement. Instead of asking a judge to make a decision in court, the people meet with a trained mediator who helps them make their own decision on how to settle the dispute. If a settlement is reached, it is then put in writing and signed. This written settlement then becomes a legal contract that the court can enforce. If the people in the dispute are not able to reach an agreement that is acceptable to everyone involved, they are then free to ask a judge to hear their case and make a decision in court. Civil mediation usually takes place in a day and the objective is to reach a binding agreement on the day, so parties must have the authority to settle. Civil mediation is used for all disputes apart from family disputes – and can be used for family disputes in certain circumstances. FAQs (Click Here)

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